Attend E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, held annually in Los Angeles, is where video game companies come to show off their latest groundbreaking technologies and never-before-seen products including games, consoles, and accessories.

Not open to the public, E3 requires attendees to work in the industry or be part of the media. So, unless you know “a guy” who “knows a guy” or start your own super-popular video game blog, you may not get in.

For more on E3 visit the official site.

Time Travel to Gallifrey

Gallifrey One, held annually in Los Angeles, is the world’s largest and longest-running annual Doctor Who convention.

With panels, artists, costumes and special guests (including actors, writers, production crew and more), Gallifrey One is a celebration of everything Doctor Who.

Visit the official site to learn more.

Play Online

Play a massively-multiplayer online game.

From embarking on a quest in the ever-popular World of Warcraft, to choosing between the light and dark sides of the Force in Star Wars: The Old Republic, or even becoming a superhero in DC Universe Online, you are bound to find something of interest when playing online.

King of Kong

Located in the 22nd level of the arcade game Donkey Kong, exists the fabled “kill screen”. Reaching this level will take many hours and perfect timing. Maybe you’ll even become the next “King of Kong”!

Code Monkey

Learn a programming language and write anything from a simple web application to the next big iPhone app.

Attend A Tweet-Up

With more people connecting online than ever, fans from all over are now gathering at specified locations to meet each other in real life.

From Chuck to The Walking Dead there is probably a tweetup happening for whatever you are into.

Free Comic Book Day

Visit your local participating comic book retailer on the first Saturday in May because, well, as the name states they will give you free comic books!

Find out more about Free Comic Book Day

Visit Metropolis

The small town of Metropolis, Illinois officially adopted the title “Hometown of Superman” in the early 1970’s. Most notably known for the giant 15-foot bronze Superman statue, visitors from all over the world have their pictures taken beside the Man of Steel.

Then be sure to check out the Super Museum loaded with more than 20,000 items of Superman memorabilia.

Every year in June, the town holds a Superman Celebration featuring a costume contest, special guests, games and more.


Camp out in front of a store for the next “latest and greatest” video game console.

With friends or meet some new ones in line, make it an experience you will never forget… that is, until the next console comes out, of course.

Paul & Storm

Often found touring with Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm provide a blend of comedy and music with a nerdy twist.

With songs ranging from Randy Newman’s take on The Lord of the Rings to a song about Frogger (yes, Frogger), they make music for any nerd to enjoy.

Paul and Storm can be seen live at w00tstock events and follow them on Twitter.

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Daft Punk

Best known for their iconic helmets, Daft Punk brings together music and technology to create their distinctive sound.

The French duo recently upped their “nerd cred” by composing music for the movie TRON: Legacy.

Hard ‘n Phirm

Chris Hardwick and Mike Phirman make up this clever musical duo. While each have gone off to work on their own projects, they still perform their hilarious tunes at comedy clubs all over.

From lampooning pop culture to bluegrass-inspired Radiohead parodies - Hard ‘n Phirm is a musical comedy show worth checking out.

Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan gained internet notoriety with his Thing A Week project, writing a new song every week for a year. This former “Code Monkey" captivated nerd hearts everywhere by writing the ending song "Still Alive" from the video game Portal.

To find Jonathan performing live near you visit his official site and follow his tweets.

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"Weird Al"

The patriarch of parody, Al has been putting his own spin on popular music since his college days. His self-described “rock and comedy multimedia extravaganza” live shows are a treat for fans of all ages.

For all the latest Al info visit his official site and follow his hilarious tweets.

They Might Be Giants

This Brooklyn-based band has been cranking out creative choruses since the early 80’s. From the composure of the sun to the identity of Istanbul, TMBG can turn the irreverent into something catchy.

While their albums tell part of the story, seeing them live is a must.

More at the official site or follow them on Twitter.